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Bible Society of Mongolia (BSM)


Bible Society of Mongolia (BSM) was first announced in Mongolia in 1990 with the objective of serving God through translating, publishing and distributing the Scriptures and other Christian literature, making them available to the whole populace. In the translation of God's word we pay the utmost attention to accuracy, that it shall be in accord with the Biblical language of the original, yet aiming to accurately communicate the identical message to today's reader in the stylistically acceptable language of the whole populace. In the selection of other Christian materials to be translated and in their translation we pay the greatest attention to faithfulness to the exact teaching of the Bible.

Since 1990, BSM has translated, published and distributed very many hundreds of thousands of New testaments, portions of scripture and other Christian literature.

These publications are all sold in Mongolia at a highly subsidised price, so that even those on very low incomes can buy them. BSM also gives away free copies to those who cannot afford them.

In addition, for the blind and partially sighted, it has produced such literature in the form of "Talking Books" on cassette tape and CD, and in the form of Braille. These are all provided free of charge.

BSM also has a lending library in Ulan Bator, if you would like to know more about this contact BSM.

BSM is supported by God, through his people around the world. It receives no budget from any organisation but funds are routed through entities in USA and UK. Translation, publication and distribution on this scale is very costly. You can fellowship with God in helping the poor of Mongolia get his word, accurately, at a price they can afford.

Pray for:
- generosity from God's people in giving themselves to him as they are motivated to give the money in their possession for this ministry
- that the Spirit of God will bring conviction of sin, of the righteousness of Christ and of an individual will face his judgment as they read or hear his Word

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