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Bible in Mongolian


The new Bible translation was published in 2015 in both standard and large formats.  Many positive  comments on the translation have been made by Mongolians including:


“We are absolutely thrilled! “Oh the Psalms.. My goodness. We are amazed at how these come across in Mongolian”


“That voice is declaring the Message of the crucified and risen Christ clearly, distinctively, unwaveringly”


“This is the version of the Bible [ed. BSM New Testament of 1990] I first read. Then came out a totally different bible. [ed. the Burhan version] I could not understand it so I struggled for many years. I was greatly disappointed. But here is that first one now and it is even better” – A Mongolian girl in her mid-twenties after picking up a copy and reading it at one of our stalls.


“it is very well translated”


All quotations translated from Mongolian. These quotations have been supplied from different sources, none of which are connected with the Bible Society of Mongolia.